Top 10 Video Marketing Products


Video marketing for products is a simple way of promoting and marketing your product. Not only it helps in increasing traffic on your social and digital channels, but also it educates your customers and consumers. Moreover, users like it because it is entertaining and engaging. 

In this fast-moving world, it is hard to find unique ways to sell and market your product. However, the video marketing world is nothing new. Certainly, it has become a powerful and useful part of the marketing strategy. 

There are different types of videos for marketing about which you must know. Few types of video marketing are discussed below:

  • Non Brand focus video marketing
  • Branded entertainment
  • Promotional videos 
  • Product demonstration Launch videos
  • Live videos

Top 10 Video Marketing Tools 

So, if you are not in this game, then you should start now. You should consider the right tool to make engaging videos for your business and to promote them. Let’s take a look at some of the useful product video marketing tools that can surely help you in engaging your audience.


Animoto is an online editing site. It can be used by photographers, vloggers, and marketers that allows you to create professional videos and assist you in better business growth. Also, this website can help you in making slideshow videos so that you can showcase your portfolio or work. 

It also offers you many built-in templates and storyboards to create your marketing video. Animoto offers countless options for colors, text fonts, photos, and music. Besides this, you can also add a customized logo and watermark to your video.

  1. Common Craft 

Common craft is a video editing tool suitable for creating animations and videos from photos and videos. Besides this, you can judge your video before buying it from Common craft. Common craft has features that simplify the uploading and allows recording of direct videos for editing. 

So, you can use them to create videos with an emotional effect on your audience. Also, you can add animations and audio in a shorter time. 

  1. Filmora 

Filmora is one of the great video editing tools that provide such freedom that most tools don’t. Other than this, Filmora allows you to adjust color effect, brightness, speed, rotation, and a lot more. This tool can work on Mac and Windows. Besides this, it is available on IOS and Android too.

  1. Vyond 

The Vyond, formerly Goanimate, enables you to create a high quality animated video. Moreover, you can use lip-sync features and add dialogue. It is one of the fastest editing tools that is preferred for all web browsers.  The portal also allows you to create videos using their library of props, sound, and templates.

  1. Magisto 

Magisto is an editing tool that can help your business to promote. Moreover, you can create attractive marketing videos for your audience. Magisto will help you create videos that can boost your brand awareness by using different styles, music with various captions.

  1. Verb Tech

It is a marketing platform that allows you to create, distribute, and measure your videos that can deliver messages. Further, Verb Tech is a combination of various tools.

  1. Picovico

This tool offers you to transform your photos into videos using captions and music. Besides this, it is also known as a birthday video maker. It is a platform that allows you to create video instantly, simply and seamlessly. 

Also, it helps you to create engaging videos out of photos you have captured.

  1. Powtoon

Powtoon is yet another basic editing tool that lets you create presentations and videos. It helps you in creating personal, commercial, and educational videos. 

Also, it provides good looking templates that can help you create videos quickly. So, you can use it to produce videos in different formats.

  1. Sellamations 

It is the tool you can use if you want to grow your brand using doodles. Besides this, it is a unique editing tool for a product marketing video. Further, it provides a perfect way to engage your customers to your brand. One of the best features of this tool is that you can also add voiceover to create awesome products.

  1. Shakr

It can help you with creating videos for your brand promotion. Moreover, it has a variety of features for your business videos. Also, you can add and drag any text, video clip, and photos. Thus, it provides a variety of designs in a variety of categories for promos and business purposes.


Video marketing for products is one of the basic parts of marketing nowadays. Moreover, it can engage customers effectively in this era as everyone is attracted to create videos easily. Also, as jobless claims report that weekly, millions of people are losing their jobs, you need to improve your skills in the form of video marketing.

Furthermore, social media has a tremendous impact on our life. People are easily attracted to social media videos more. So, you can upload product videos for marketing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Therefore, you should consider these epic tools while creating videos for product marketing.

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