What Is The Difference Between MRR, RR, PLR, and Personal Use Rights?


In today’s world of technology enhancement, new technologies are the key to economic growth. If a company wants to grow, it needs to add new products and replace declining products. However, companies may not have the time, internal skills for money to develop products quickly. But obtaining a product quickly through licensing may be the solution.

Moreover, if you want to license and publish your expertise, it is important to know about the types of product licenses and their differences. Being aware of what different rights they allow will help you with what type of license to choose.

Types Of License For Product 

PLR, MRR, RR, all stand for particular listening rights to products you can resell and buy. In some ways, they are similar, but in significant ways, they are different. So, here are the product types: 

  1. Resell Rights 
  2. Master Resell Rights
  3. Private Label Rights

Source: seymourproducts

Let’s start with the product type that has more restrictions as compared to others. The product RR is the most restrictive. These are the products that have designated resell rights. Moreover, resale rights products are products that you purchase, and you have the right to resell it and can make a profit out of it. Besides this, you are only allowed to resell the product to the end-user. Thus, you cannot claim copyright authorship to the product. 

Now that brings us to the next two types of products. What are PLR and MRR? MRR (Master Resell Right) products are like RR products because you cannot claim the authorship and copyright to the product.

On the other hand, PLR (Private Label Right) can be treated as your own creation. You can title your name on it as the author. However, the right to claim copyright to the product is not allowed like the above two. Moreover, you can convert the PLR eBook into an audio product too.

MRR, RR And PLR Explained

As you know that PLR, MRR, RR are the different types of licenses, you should also know what differentiates them from each other. 

For instance, information that is based on typical rights, you get these rights when you purchase PLR, MRR, and RR products. This differentiation serves as a general guide. Here MRR, RR, PLR explained in detail. 


What Is PLR? 

You have the source files that are used to make the product with Private Label Rights. Any file that you can edit is a source file such as Word docs, Text files, Software codes, and maybe even Camtasia video recordings. 

Source: medium

Private label products come in many shapes, some of the most common forms include PLR eBooks,  videos,  articles, and software, etc.

For instance, when they give you Private Label Rights to an eBook, they also grant you access to the authentic documents which they used to create the eBooks.  Then, they permit you to edit the eBook in any way you want. Also, you can take the credit for writing the eBook.

To put it differently, PLR eBooks are like having a writer who writes an eBook while you get the credit for it.

What Is MRR? 

With Master Resell Rights, they do not give you the source files for edit purposes. However, you may pass and also resell the products to your customers. Nevertheless, customers resell rights then so that they are eligible to sell the read-only/personal rights only.

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What Is RR? 

You may resell the products with Resell Rights. However, customers do not have the right to resell the product again. They may only consume or read the products. Resale right products allow their customers to buy the product as they cannot change it. Moreover, your customer has no rights to sell or pass it to their customers.

In other words, once you receive a product with Resell Right and you sell the product to the customers, the sales stop there.

  • Personal Use Right 

In addition to the above-explained right, there is also Personal Use Right. When we talk about Personal Use Rights definitions, there is no such definition to define it. But it means to read-only as you do not have the right to resell the product. 

End Point

The PLR, MRR, RR are some types of product licenses. However, they differ from each other in some aspects. You can treat PLR or Private Label Rights as if you created the product yourself. Master resell right means you can tell the Resale Rights. 

Moreover, Resale Right means that you cannot sell Resell rights, but you can sell the products to the end-users only. Here are a few  MRR, RR, and PLR rights explained in this article. Read it thoroughly to clear the differences between them. You can now choose the right product license that is suitable to obtain.

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What Is The Difference Between MRR, RR, PLR, and Personal Use Rights?

In today's world of technology enhancement, new technologies are the key to economic growth. If a company wants to grow, it needs to add...


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