Top 6 Best Email Marketing Tools for Businesses


Marketing trends and channels grow over time. While some developments come and go rapidly, one of the best channels that has remained the same is email. Email is the top channel for content marketing for both B2B and B2C marketers. More than 80% of marketers use email marketing to take care of their audience.   

Email marketing tools help you to amplify your other marketing channels.  With that, marketers still face many challenges in their email marketing. One of the significant challenges is the amount of time it takes to create a fantastic email from scratch. Without email marketing tools, marketers can end up spending a lot of time creating and sending emails that do not look stunning.

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Many businesses settle for this situation because they are not agreed to invest in an Email Marketing tool to make the process easier. However, email marketing tools do not necessarily have to be expensive. You can find many free email marketing tools that can help save time and money.

You want to grow your business and need an email marketing tool that is quite affordable, easy to use, and has efficient features to turn your leads into customers, right?

Here is the list of top 7 best email marketing tools for businesses.


SendPulse is one of the best email marketing tools for email marketing, free web notifications, and SMS marketing. You can engage your customers with these three forms of marketing through the platform. SendPulse is free to use for online vendors who have less than 2500 subscribers. It sends a sum of 15000 emails per month.

SendPulse can also provide you free to use email templates. It also offers an editor that makes your HTML campaigns stunning. SendPulse can also offer paid plans if you want to upgrade. The free account of SendPulse is good for new online retailers.


MailGenius is another free email marketing tool that checks your emails and finds potential triggers that can get your message sent to the spam folder. MainGenuis allows you to run a deliverability test to make sure your emails reach your recipients’ inbox. This tool lays out all the triggers you can do to avoid landing in the spam folder with honest advice.

MainGenius also explains on how to fix email marketing issues. Deliverability issues can strictly impact your email marketing campaigns. It is so important to be practical and run a test to make sure you are following best practices.


Litmus is one of the highly adaptable email marketing tools which you can use to test and track your email. It allows you to test your emails in conventional web-customers and also popular mobile devices such as Apple, Android, and Windows.Litmus allows you to render testing and ensure your creative email is optimized for any device.

You can test more than 35 customers and devices with a simple click. It can generate a test email to an address so you can send it to your Esp.  Within just minutes, it will show you desired ISPs, browsers, and devices.


MailerLite is also a free email marketing tools for retailers. It offers free plans for marketers who have a maximum of 1000 subscribers. It also allows you to upgrade as your list grows.  MailerLite’s free plan allows its customers to send unlimited emails monthly.

You want to create incredible newsletters but do not have any designing skills, MailerLite has got your back. This email marketing tool has a drag and drop editor that is easy to use.


MailRelay is the cheapest email marketing tool for small businesses. Small business owners will gain peace of mind by using this email marketing tool for affiliate marketing. MailRelay is free for having up to 15000 subscribers. It allows you to send a maximum of 75000 emails for free. You have to follow them on Google, Facebook, and Twitter to qualify for this plan.

Its basic account allows you to send up to 15000 emails and grow up to 3000 subscribers. MailRelay also allows you to upgrade your plan for free once you have reached the 3000 subscribers. MailRelay offers small business owners free email templates to create beautiful newsletters. It also provides you the essential information about the online behavior of subscribers. So you can analyze their behavior and tweak your email marketing to boost conversations.


Campayn is anther email marketing tool for free. It allows you to have 500 subscribers for free and send 15000 emails monthly. Campayn also offers free designing of an email newsletter, which is quite easy. You can choose to design from scratch and use their free newsletter templates that empower you to create professional emails.

Campayn can easily import your contacts and offer detailed reports on how your subscribers are interacting with your emails. This information is priceless because it allows you to create an effective campaign based on the insights. This Email marketing tool for businesses provides both monthly plans and pay as you go for marketers who decide to upgrade.


Start your email marketing by signing up for one of these email marketing tools. Many of them are also providing marketing automation services that power your business growth. You are literate enough to choose the tool that fulfills your business requirements so you can make most of your email marketing campaigns.

So, which email marketing tool are you going to choose?

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